Institute for Criminal Justice Research

Research, Education and Knowledge


The Institute for Criminal Justice Research (ICJR) was one of the first permanent Institutes of the Help USA First Foundation. It was established in its present form, in 1990, however, the dedicated work of volunteers started prior to its formally inclusion in the structure of the Foundation. ICJR can trace its roots to helping the unjustly accused as far back as 1981. As stated, the Institute is a direct service component of the Help USA First Foundation, Inc.  A Non Profit tax exempt organization whose mission includes: Social, Educational, Research and Charitable objectives. Donations to the Institute or the Foundation are fully tax deductible per the IRS tax codes.. 

The Institute's objectives are to educate the public, conduct relevant, research on the state of the criminal justice system in the United States and its affect on the plight citizens and legal residents of the nation.

The Institute, NOR any of its direct service programs provide legal representation or legal advice of any kind and there are no contracts made or implied.The Institute's programs do not intentional seek to give the appearance of 'practicing law' 'or giving legal assistance'.

Over the last decade ICJR has responded to over 30,000 requests for assistance or information. In addition, ICJR has conducted seminars for the public to ensure their better understanding and use of the nation’s criminal justice systems.The work of the Institute is provided by a dedicated group of volunteer professionals, family members, inmates, law schools/students, attorneys and other non profits, where possible.


  • CITE ANALYSIS & RESEARCH EDUCATION SERVICE (C.A.R.E.S.), this highly successful program has been replaced by a series of other services that are detailed on our Programs page.Dire financial concerns and national economic times making the recruitment of volunteers to serve and a need to move our inmate programs into the 21st century, caused our Board to end this program and replace it with MANY SEE OUR PROGRAM PAGE ON THIS SITE.